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AFC East Draft & Roster Review 2022

Finishing up our first half of our divisional draft breakdown series, we’re wrapping up the Eastern divisions on the AFC side!

The procedure remains the same – give my personal evaluations of every single player selected, talk about their fit on the roster, each team’s class overall and then compare them against each other.

Storylines around the NFL

How the Patriots have been on the right side of the whistle all year long:

Before I say anything else – Congratulations to the New England Patriots organization for reaching the Super Bowl for the third time in four years and eight time in 17 years. Nobody in the league has been able to even come close to the consistent excellence they have displayed. With that being said, I can’t help but see a theme that has followed the team throughout the 2017/18 season – they have had a lot of crucial calls go their way. I’m not suggesting to any degree, that they haven’t earned a spot in this title game, but rather I want to point out a few incidences I have noticed over the course of their campaign. Let me elaborate:

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