NFL Draft

Top 10 interior defensive linemen in the 2021 NFL Draft:

Finishing with these players in the trenches, we are looking at the interior defensive line. This group includes everything from players, who will primarily line up head-up on the offensive tackle to straight over the center. I will always mention with specific alignment I believe fits the individual players best, although with many hybrid fronts we see in the NFL, most guys will be moving around – especially on passing downs.

This group has been called one of the weakest ones throughout the draft process and when I compare it to some of the classes we have seen these last several years, I certainly don’t think it matches up with them. At best, I believe two of them will be drafted in the first round and I wouldn’t be totally shocked the first one comes off in the late twenties. However, I think there could be some valuable players on day two and even beyond that. Four of my top five prospects I would classify as three-techniques (so shaded to the outside shoulder of the guard), but after that there are several names, who will play head-up or shaded to one side of the center.

Make sure to check out my video breakdown of the top interior offensive linemen!

But now let’s get into this list:

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